Color for your bottle tree


Brighten up your bottle tree

Brighten up your bottle tree

Bottle trees are all the rage. Wooden, wrought iron and everything in-between. But what’s a bottle tree without bottles? You need some color with those trees and lots of people are coming in looking for wine in colored bottles. We’ve got several to choose from and they are really good wines.

Some of the finest Rieslings from Germany are by Moselland. Their Zeller Schwarze Katz signature bottles are cat shaped. The legend goes that a black cat defended one barrel in the winery, hissing at three visiting wine merchants. They thought that this was the best wine because the cat was protecting it. This wine sold so well they kept the name and then years later sold them in cat shaped bottles. They come in many colors that can make any bottle tree sparkle.(Makes a great gift for the cat lover you know).

Or choose from several of the Sun Garden wines. These are great value wines that will brighten up any party (as well as your bottle tree). Gew├╝rztraminer, Dornfelder and Riesling. If you like German wines that are a bit on the sweeter side then you need to try these.

So, what’s the story behind bottle trees. In the low country of South Carolina and around Savannah you often find bottle trees in the yards, with the bottles’ neck pointing down, looking like branches. Legend has it that as the wind blows you can here whistling and musical notes that are evil spirits being trapped by the bottles as they pass by. If you capture the evil spirits then they can’t haunt you. If you want more versions of this legend simply Google “bottle tree.”